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Wales has long been a successful trading nation with strengths in a whole range of sectors including manufacturing, life sciences, energy, tech, finance, food and drink, and more. Our award-winning goods and services are exported all over the globe and, despite being a small nation of three million people, we are excelling on the world stage.

Exports are vital to the Welsh economy and have played a key role in helping Welsh companies to not only remain resilient during challenging times but to continue to thrive today.

Latest export figures show the value of goods exports from Wales has increased beyond pre-Covid levels, despite global trading markets remaining unpredictable, and Wales is on track to maintain and grow its export performance. It is an exciting time to be a Welsh exporter as well as for partners overseas who are looking for high quality products and services.

Our country boasts extraordinary skills and expertise in a range of industries, with thousands of innovative and successful companies operating in each field, whose names are becoming recognised far and wide. Among our export strengths here in Wales are Tech, Life Sciences, Clean Energy, High Value Manufacturing and Consumer products as well as a thriving food and drink sector.

Read more about some of the Welsh companies experiencing success with exports and find out why you should consider exploring trade partnership with businesses in Wales.

Case Studies

Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas

Flexible cement

Welsh company, Concrete Canvas, has seen its innovative flexible concrete fabric used in construction and civil engineering projects all over the world.

High Value Manufacturing
Halton Wales

Halton Wales

Fire and blast protection and ventilation

Pontypool-based Halton Wales has made a global name for itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of fire and blast protection and ventilation systems used in the nuclear, tunnel and energy industries.

High Value Manufacturing

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