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Agile countries like ours think a little differently to the mainstream. It's a place where our business ecosystems are closely interlinked, supporting each other to drive new ideas forward. Industry, academia and the Welsh Government work together to make things happen. We have the right business support and the agility to make decisions quickly. Although we're a close community here, we're also proud to be citizens of the world. We're well connected to the rest of the UK and to global markets. Wales is also a great place to live and work. It's a beautiful country with a superb quality of life. We're also the first country in the world to have legislated for the rights of future generations. We want to leave Wales - and the world - a better place. This is your invitation to discover our country. To be inspired by the good things we're doing. The future is whatever we want to make it.





Ethical hackers

Hacking your clients is the most fun part of the job, says PureCyber’s Damon Rands. They’re a rising star in Wales’ cyber security sector, which has one of the strongest and most innovative cyber ecosystems in the world.

Starling Bank

Starling Bank

Flying High

Since it took flight in 2014, Starling Bank has caused quite a murmuration in the banking community. Now the UK’s fastest-growing bank is tapping into the talent of Wales’s Fintech sector.

OpTIC Technology Centre

OpTIC Technology Centre

Precision Optical Systems

Wrexham University isn’t just building a bridge between academia and industry - it’s laying down a superhighway. Its state-of-the-art OpTIC Technology Centre in St Asaph has created a hi-tech home for start-ups in North Wales.

Compound Semiconductors
Marine Power Systems

Marine Power Systems

Harnessing the vast power of ocean winds

After more than a decade of meticulous research and development, Swansea-based Marine Power Systems are preparing to launch a revolutionary new device into the renewable energy market, harnessing the vast power of ocean waves and wind.

Renewable Energy


A Revolutionary Approach

Not many car designs set out to change the world. From Powys to the planet, start-up company Riversimple has spent 20 years developing the technology and business strategies that have led to its carbon-fibre Rasa vehicle.

High Value Manufacturing
Man operating machinery


The path to success

CellPath is a Welsh life-sciences business with a global footprint, supplying high-quality products and services for cancer diagnostics.

Life Sciences




4 - 5 September


4th - 5th September 2024
Train carriage construction


24 - 27 September


24th - 27th September 2024

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