Our thriving tech ecosystem with its growing supply chain combined with our entrepreneurial universities provides a firm foundation for Cyber Security companies to thrive.


For the size of our clever nation, we have one of the biggest cyber security ecosystems in the UK, and one of the strongest in Europe. We’re proud to say that when it comes to developing the tech and ideas that’ll keep systems and critical infrastructure safe for future generations, we’re truly world-class. The plaudits belong to global tech giants like Airbus, Thales, General Dynamics and Oracle: world-leaders in cyber security, who have made Wales their home. It’s also down to dynamic home-grown start-ups, who are bringing their own unique ideas to the world stage. Our universities have created centres of excellence, producing world-class research, and talented graduates with the specialist skills the sector demands. Industry and academia have formed intimate partnerships, working together to form academies. They’re tackling real-world problems, as well as creating the free-thinking conditions that open unexpected doors, leading to breakthroughs we haven’t yet dreamed of. Our geography helps, too. We’re located very close to — and work very closely with — the National Cyber Security Centre at the home of GCHQ in Cheltenham, and the MoD’s cyber operations in the West Country. Wales is a nation where forward-thinking companies can get all the support they need to thrive. You can read their stories in these pages. And you can become part of the story.

Case Studies

John Davies



With its three award-winning products, Pervade Software has applied fresh thinking to the processes of cyber security.

Cyber Security


Helping us to stay protected

The Welsh cyber ecosystem is helping companies like Arcanum Cyber Security to flourish. As the global threat of cybercrime continues to grow, Wales-based companies are helping us all to stay protected.

Cyber Security


Ethical hackers

Hacking your clients is the most fun part of the job, says PureCyber’s Damon Rands. They’re a rising star in Wales’ cyber security sector, which has one of the strongest and most innovative cyber ecosystems in the world.

Cyber Security
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Airbus Cyber Security

Centre of excellence for cybersecurity and cryptography

Duffryn doesn’t look much like the front-line of a battlefield. To the west of Newport, it’s the point where the city’s suburbs yield to a cluster of smart business parks, guarded by lakes, fountains and pampas grass.

Cyber Security

Inside Stories

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Cyber Wales

It’s good to talk. With a membership that spans the whole country, Cyber Wales provides a focus and forum for everyone in the industry, helping businesses come together and collaborate both within Wales and internationally.


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