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If you’re looking to locate your business where there’s commercial support at hand, where costs are competitive, and with opportunities across a range of industries from tech to renewables, you need look no further than Wales. Investing in Wales makes sense in so many ways. It could be the best business decision you make.
  • Base your business in the high-spending UK consumer market

    As part of the UK – and its market of 66 million people - Wales offers a business-friendly environment to expand, trade and invest.

    It’s a mature, high-spending consumer market with an open, liberal economy and a wealth of expertise, world-class research facilities, and highly qualified talent in our universities and colleges, with 225,000 students from around the world.

    Sharing a language and time zone with London, Wales also gives you access to a range of support to help your business grow.

  • Collaborate in one of our priority sectors

    Working together is key to success here, whether that’s collaborating with other companies, tapping into the expertise and facilities at our universities, or connecting with our public sector agencies.

    Our priority sectors are: creative, fintech, food and drink, compound semiconductors, high value manufacturing, cyber security, life sciences, renewables, and tourism.

    All these sectors have dedicated industry forums, and the clusters work alongside each other by sharing expertise, capability and skills, with input from government agencies, universities, and other businesses.

  • Take advantage of the economic benefits

    The UK has one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the G20 and is highly competitive in Europe.

    And Wales offers economic advantages of its own - industrial property here is among the most affordable in the UK, office rents in our capital, Cardiff, are the lowest for any major city in the UK, and commercial property costs around 40% of London prices.

    We have eight accelerators and 26 incubators – that’s the second highest concentration of incubators in the UK. And if you’re looking to expand your businesses into the UK and European market, we can introduce you to key ‘soft-landing’ spaces throughout Wales.

  • Tap into our wealth of talent

    There’s plenty of talent here, with 225,000 students in full and part-time education in our eight universities and 13 further education colleges.

    Wales has the highest rate of active graduate start-ups in the UK, and investors here can easily recruit from the pool of half a million graduates each year from around the UK.

    A range of funded programmes can help you find the best people for your business and bring them on board, while Business Wales can advise and support you - from developing the skills of your existing team to recruitment and training.

  • Gain from the best innovation support

    We’ll offer you the best innovation support and guidance to help build your business - from fundamental research to marketing your new product.

    The Welsh Government can connect you to collaborators or academic support; outside expertise or new designs; advice on IP or funding towards new equipment.

    And through our SMART business innovation programme, you’ll have access to industrial research, experimental development, and feasibility studies to transform your innovative ideas into successful new products or processes.

  • Become part of our fully digital economy

    Wales is committed to establishing a fully digital economy – and that means supporting businesses like yours to embrace all areas of digital innovation.

    The Digital Strategy for Wales is shaping a national vision which can help your business through a focus on internet of things technologies including wireless network technologies and 5G.

    We’re already well placed, with Swansea in the top five UK cities for the fastest broadband and Cardiff having its own internet exchange iXCardiff and the second largest number of customers connected outside of London. Cardiff is also home to the biggest data centre in Europe.

  • Enjoy an enviable quality of life

    When it comes to lifestyle, Wales offers stunning natural beauty, friendly people, and a vibrant culture.

    Over the centuries, many visitors have put down roots here, creating a nation with a strong international outlook and cultural ties to every corner of the world.

    A quarter of the Welsh landscape is either a National Park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and there are countless ways to enjoy it - biking along forest trails, hiking in the mountains, kayaking on crystal-clear lakes or watching seals and seabirds from the 870-mile Wales Coast Path.

    Wales is known as the land of song, but it’s also a land of theatre, literature, film and every other kind of artistic endeavour.  We have a rich and distinctive cultural heritage, and the Welsh language, one of the oldest in Europe, is part of everyday life, spoken by around a fifth of the population.

    Wales is a hotbed for sports too – not just Wrexham FC, but a wealth of top-level international teams and events.  

    All this plus lower living costs than the UK average. But, while rents and property prices are low, our cities and communities rank highly in quality-of-life surveys.

  • Join us in investing in the future

    Wales was the first country to appoint a Future Generations Commissioner, ensuring our policymakers always think about the long-term impact of their decisions.

    We were also the first nation to declare a climate emergency and are among the top three countries globally for recycling. More than £110 million has been invested in renewable energy infrastructure in Wales, backing 11 marine energy projects, and we are aiming to meet 100% of our electricity needs from renewable sources by 2035.

    Wales is looking to the future in every way. Why not be part of it?



Wales is a country that forms part of the UK, situated at the western edge and has a population of three million. Our long open border with England has allowed free movement of people and goods for centuries, and our capital city, Cardiff, is less than two hours from London. Businesses can enjoy the benefits of being close to London without being burdened by the extra costs of being based there.
Cardiff Airport


North and Mid Wales are well served by their proximity to the large metropolitan areas and international airports of Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Cardiff is served by its own international airport which connects to main European hubs including Amsterdam and Paris, while London Heathrow can be reached within two hours. Our geography lends itself to international trade, with major ports located all along our coasts, each with good road and rail links to other UK major cities and transport hubs.


Since 1999, Wales has had its own devolved government, with control over economic development and spending. Access to a supportive devolved government, which has the ability to make things happen quickly, makes a big difference. The Welsh Government can support business internationally through a network of 21 offices in 12 countries, delivering insight through local knowledge, expertise and connections.
Business Visas


Business visa UK requirements: If you’re coming to work in Wales or any part of the UK, you may need a visa. There are different types of visas, depending on the work you’ll be doing, how long you plan to stay, your skills and qualifications, and whether you’re aiming to set up a business here. You can find out if you need a visa by checking on the UK Government website. If you do need a visa, visit the How to apply section.

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