Stationary Airplane with some leaving via steps

A welcome concept in the MRO sphere

In this Q&A, Aerospace Wales CEO, John Whalley discusses the association’s development of a new MRO Hub that will provide comprehensive through-life support for the aviation industry, harnessing the capabilities of its existing facilities and established companies.

Wind Energy

Unlocking the renewables potential of the Celtic Sea

The Celtic Sea and coastal waters around Wales have a higher concentration of renewable energy resources than perhaps anywhere else on the planet. Andrew Wade explores some of the technology advances - from floating wind to marine energy - that will be key to tapping into this vast resource.

Renewable Energy
Starling Bank

Together Stronger: The Rise of Welsh Fintech

One of the many absorbing storylines at this year’s FIFA World Cup, was the arrival of Wales onto the world stage. They won hearts and minds with their return to the tournament after a 64-year wait.



Modular building

In an increasingly miniaturised world, Microchip's Advanced Packaging Services aim to make microelectronic products smaller, smarter, and more reliable.

Compound Semiconductors


A Revolutionary Approach

Not many car designs set out to change the world. From Powys to the planet, start-up company Riversimple has spent 20 years developing the technology and business strategies that have led to its carbon-fibre Rasa vehicle.

Renewable Energy


making document processes stress-free for time-pressed SMEs

Digitisation is no longer a business luxury, but an absolute necessity for survival and flourishing in the current climate, says QuoteOnSite’s TJ Amas. The company’s innovative new SaaS solution is making document processes simpler, more efficient and stress-free for time-pressed SMEs.


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