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Industry Overview

Overview of High Value Manufacturing in Wales

Wales has a rich heritage in heavy industry, engineering and manufacturing, providing a vital foundation to help steer its economy in interesting and innovative new directions.

High value manufacturing is home to over 5000 companies in this sector and employs over 150,000 people. These companies operate in a wide range of sectors, from aerospace, and automotive, through to power generation, infrastructure and low carbon.

Wales high value manufacturing companies export their goods and services worldwide, from air conditioners to the UAE, aircraft wings to France, cable systems to Japan and power generation equipment to the USA.

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Did you know

Wales is no stranger to leading the World in high value manufacturing. The first full scale working railway steam locomotive was built and operated in Wales in 1804 at the Penydarren ironworks. 200 years later and Wales still leads the way in transport, manufacturing the wings for the Airbus fleet.

Did you know

More than one million next-generation hybrid engines have now been produced in Wales at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Deeside Plant.

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