Industry Overview

Compound Semiconductors

Semiconductors are at the core of many of today's technologies. Without them, many devices and applications that we rely on simply wouldn't exist. Yet these atomically engineered materials go largely unnoticed inside the big brands with which we're so familiar.

Big data is totally reliant on compound semiconductors from the lasers and detectors which power the internet, through fibre optic broadband, to wireless technology for mobile communications. Compound semiconductors can store, route, transmit and detect data at a fraction of the energy used by current solutions.

The special properties of this material have an array of security uses, are used in space because they are well adapted to the harsh environments, are used in healthcare applications, 3D sensing, gaming and robotics.

Silicon changed our world. Compound semiconductors are changing it again, and faster than ever before.

World's First Cluster

Collaboration is a powerful tool in accelarating innovation. The benefits are even greater when whole supply chains 'cluster' in the same location, breaking down the barriers created by geography and time zones. Silicon Valley in California is a prime example of how the benefit of clustering can propel an industry to a global platform.

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Compound semiconductors are much more complex than long established Silicon technology. Our highly integrated Wales cluster will guide you from concept to production - whether you're an SME or a global, household name, we'll support you when designing new material through to manufacturing.

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Welsh Industry Strengths

From Microsemi Corporation's advanced packaging, to IQE PLC's wafer foundry and SPTS Technologies' specialist wafer processing equipment - there's a lot happening within the compound semiconductor cluster in Wales.

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Key Companies


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