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Craig Marvelly, Head of Platform and Chief Compliance Officer at Bipsync, explains why locating the company’s product team in the Welsh capital is all about the upside.

Bipsync is a software company that provides research management software for investment management companies. The majority of our clients are multi-billion dollar hedge funds based out of New York.

Our CEO, Danny Donado, is a former New York hedge fund analyst and started the company out in Silicon Valley, California. When it came to product development, rather than stay in the US – where it’s tough enough to hire experienced developers as an early stage start-up, let alone compete for them with hundreds of Valley tech companies – we decided to base technical development in Cardiff. Our CTO and Technical Director are both from here, so knew there was an existing network of great developers here in Cardiff eager to do interesting work – and that’s exactly what we found.

The skills base here is impressive in proportion to the size of the city. There’s an enthusiastic set of developers who want to be involved in building exciting things – and there are probably two main reasons for that. Firstly, there’s a strong cluster of universities in South Wales, with a real focus on technology courses. Over half of our workforce studied at one of those universities, including myself and our CTO. Secondly, there’s a strong network of meet-up groups here, which has created a community of developers who know and trust each other. As a multinational business, there’s no real downside of being based in Cardiff. The majority of our customers and our management team are based in New York, but it’s actually a benefit that our product team is in Cardiff, because we can do a lot of work before our clients are even awake. Then we can have a solid few hours with America. It’s also a great location for us as we expand into other financial markets in Europe. It works. For everyone.”

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