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Industry overview

Overview of Life Sciences in Wales

The Welsh Life Sciences industry currently employs more than 12,000 people, in over 360 companies with an approximate turnover of £2bn.

With world-leading academic expertise and a central Life Sciences Hub, Wales demonstrates a strong competitive advantage in Medtech, Diagnostics, Wound Healing, Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy and is already creating a world-leading Regenerative Medicine ecosystem, which includes academics, the NHS, Government and centres of excellence.

75% of the life sciences market is export focussed. Welsh companies are supplying their products and services to markets all around the World from Spain and Ireland, to Canada, Brazil, Qatar and Singapore.

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Did you know

Wales has 1/5 higher number of life sciences companies than the UK average per capita, with a particular strength in the medical device field

Did you know

Wales produced the breathalyser, which helps to keep roads safe from drunk drivers and used by UK police and in 70 countries worldwide.

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