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Support and Advice

In Wales, we know there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to investment decisions. Every business has its own set of requirements and challenges – and that’s why we respond to your unique needs.

You may have questions about property specifications or the recruitment of skilled staff, about connectivity or about access to key centres of innovation and research. Whatever your priorities, our team is ready to provide all the support you need.

Our Process

We’re well aware that your process will have started long before you make contact with us. You’ll have mapped out your key objectives and started thinking about more detailed requirements. That’s why it’s important that we’re ready to go as soon as you get in touch. From our very first contact, we’ll set about tailor-making a support package for your business. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A dedicated and experienced sector lead
  • Location visits arranged within five days of first contact
  • Specialist property advice
  • Access to key networks and supply-chain information
  • Comprehensive options proposals for larger projects
  • Advice around relevant financial incentives and support
  • Swift decision making from the Welsh Government

  to tap into this support system.

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Government policy and Engagement

In Wales, one of the four nations that makes up the United Kingdom, the Welsh Government is responsible for shaping a distinctive economic policy that reflects our unique assets, ambitions and business environment.

Here, decision-making is designed to serve all parts of society, from individuals and communities to industry sectors, organisations and the environment. Our key decision makers at all levels of government are closely engaged with what happens right across Wales – so when important decisions need to be made, they can respond quickly.

Above all, our aim is to ensure that key investments deliver long-term sustainability and real social purpose – values that chime with those of modern, forward-thinking businesses.

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