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Patent Seekers

Patent Seekers
Patent Seekers has built a reputation as a leading provider of professional search services. Their high-quality service and competitive pricing structure allow them to fulfil the business requirements of a wide range of clients. They are a trusted provider for companies such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, UCB, Kraft, Unilever, Smith & Nephew, as well as being one of the main suppliers for Patent Attorneys in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and globally.
Products and services include Patent Search as a Service (SaaS), and Patent and Design Research Reports
  • Patentability/Prior Art
  • Infringement/Freedom to Operate
  • Invalidity/Patent Busting
  • State of the Art/Collection
  • Patent Landscape/Mapping
  • Patent Monitoring
  • Non-patent Literature 
  • Registered Design Searching
Patent Seekers has developed the online patent search platform PatWorld using their knowledge of patent information searching, the skills of a Silicon Valley software company, and a leading database supplier based in Ireland.  PatWorld offers an intuitive patent search format which also includes features such as folder sharing, charts, report generator and an alert system.
Patent Seekers aims to utilise their time at Dublin as a springboard to becoming a leading provider of Patent Research and supplier of Patent Database Services in Ireland. 
Patent Seekers
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