Industry Overview

Marine Energy

Wales has the potential to generate around 10 GW from marine energy when the Severn Estuary resource is included.

Access to our major marine energy locations is swift which enables hassle free travel by our project partners to do business with our supply chain and academics. This also means that anyone connecting to the grid has easy access to consumers on their doorstep.

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Concept to Deployment

There’s a growing number of device developers based here in Wales, including Minesto, Marine Power Systems and Wave-tricity.

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Wave-tricity has recently secured a £4 million funding award from the Welsh European Funding Office.

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Demonstration Zones

Wales has two marine areas which have received licenses from the Crown Estate to develop demonstration zones to facilitate the growth of the sector.

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A significant and long term supply chain base is vital as the sector moves towards commercialisation.

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Academic Expertise

Research and Development is supported through both industry and academia, with Wales-based researchers leading the way.

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Support Network

Join us in Wales and your business could work with a number of support bodies.

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