Industry Overview

Environmental Industries

We use a wide variety of environmental technologies and services in Wales. Our focus is on innovation, research and development in priority fields such as Energy and Waste Management, Water Treatment, Environmental Monitoring and the Built Environment.

For local businesses and inward investors, this drive towards a cleaner environment and circular economy creates significant economic opportunities. Wales is a place to develop commercially viable solutions and present them to a global audience.

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Waste and Recycling

21,000 people work within the circular economy in Wales delivering a wide range of solutions.

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Environmental Technologies

Building Technologies and Water Technologies.

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There are numerous opportunities to join the local supply chain.

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Professional Services

We have over 330 environmental consultancy services companies in Wales, employing around 2,500 people. Annual sales exceed £150 million.

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Smart Living

Smart Living solutions are at the heart of Wales’s drive towards achieving its lowcarbon ambitions.

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Academic Expertise

Research and Development is supported through both industry and academia, with Wales-based researchers leading the way in environmental technologies.

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A Network of Support

Join us in Wales and your business could work with a number of support bodies.

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Key Companies


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