Agile countries like ours think a little differently to the mainstream. It’s a place where our business ecosystems are closely interlinked, supporting each other to drive new ideas forward. Industry, academia and the Welsh Government work together to make things happen. We have the right business support and the agility to make decisions quickly. Although we’re a close community here, we’re also proud to be citizens of the world. We’re well connected to the rest of the UK and to global markets. Wales is also a great place to live and work. It’s a beautiful country with a superb quality of life. We’re also the first country in the world to have legislated for the rights of future generations. We want to leave Wales – and the world – a better place. This is your invitation to discover our country. To be inspired by the good things we’re doing. ​The future is whatever we want to make it.
23 November, 2021
Man looking into a microscope

Inspiration. Collaboration. Innovation.

Welcome to a nation where academia, business and government work together to produce research breakthroughs with real-world impact, says Professor Peter Halligan, Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales.

Semiconductor manufacturing

Beyond silicon

The world’s first compound semiconductor cluster is taking shape in South Wales.

Compound Semiconductors
Man holding up a circuit board

The value of innovation

Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has built more than 10 million units of his revolutionary low-cost computer in Wales — a nation that supports innovators and helps them realise the potential of their ideas.

High Value Manufacturing

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