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Our Calls to action

Having met the first stage requirements of our four pillars, businesses seeking financial support from the Welsh Government will then be expected to contribute to at least one of our five calls to action which are designed to address the challenges of tomorrow. In this way, government support for business also contributes to wider benefits to the people of Wales from businesses that are preparing proactively for future change.

Our aim is to ensure that your project delivers maximum benefits for you and for Wales, and our team of experienced advisors will be available to support you through this whole process.

Our five calls to action are:

R&D, automation and digitalisation
Businesses adapt and thrive in an economy shaped by innovation and high-tech industries and remain competitive in a constantly changing and global economic environment.

High-quality employment, skills development and fair work
A prosperous and fair society in which people from all parts of Wales have decent and secure employment and are supported to develop the skills they need for a changing world.

Exports and trade
Businesses grow through trading with the rest of the UK and by exporting to overseas markets, thereby increasing their productivity and improving their resilience to changes in the global economy.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and headquarters
Businesses continually develop products and services that enable them to remain competitive and sustainable as well as drive up the overall performance of the economy.

Wales benefits from the shift from a fossil-fuel to a low-carbon economy and this supports a transformation in our prosperity, health and wellbeing.


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