Compound SemiConductor Infrastructure



Compound semiconductors are much more complex than long established Silicon technology. Our highly integrated Wales cluster will guide you from concept to production - whether you're an SME or a global, household name, we'll support you when designing new material through to manufacturing.

It's all complementary - the Catapult, Centre, Institute and Hub will work seamlessly to support the cluster of users further up the supply chain. Where will you start?

Institute for Compound Semiconductor Technology

Reaching out from Cardiff University, the Institute will undertake fundamental research on compound semiconductor materials, including making research-scale wafers. It also focuses on the integration of compound semiconductors on silicon and turning them into new devices or subsystems. Finally, it offers device design-for-manufacture services, and near-commercial scale proof of concept production.

Compound Semiconductor Centre

The Centre operates at the advanced materials end of the supply chain. Its expertise lies in the ability to develop compound semiconductor material combinations. The number of layers and their chemical composition determine the technical performance of the end product. With many years of industrial experience under its belt, the Centre offers the ideal outsource solution, as the cost of ownership of the equipment and know-how to operate it makes this activity prohibitive for most application end users.

Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub

Compound semiconductors work alongside silicon technology, but increasingly the manufacture of compound semiconductors on silicon is being explored to exploit the special electronic, magnetic, optical and low-power properties of compound semiconductors, while using the cost and scaling advantage of silicon manufacturing. The Hub will work with organisations which are keen to explore the novel integrated functionality such as sensing, data processing and communication that the new technologies bring.

Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult

If you are a systems integrator or developing your own applications, the Catapult is a great place to start. It will translate your technical requirements into the specification to create a new compound semiconductor tailored to your exact needs. This could include integrating photonics with electronics, designing devices for manufacture, or enhancing their robustness.

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