Location image - Cardiff bridge

Situated at the western edge of the United Kingdom

Wales is a country that forms part of the UK and has a population of three million people. Geographically, it has a long open border with England, which has allowed free movement of people for centuries. Since 1999, the country has had its own devolved government, with control over economic development and spending.

Wales is now home to businesses from all over the world. The first Japanese investor set up business in Wales over 40 years ago. Businesses that come to Wales have easy access to the UK market, with its population of 65 million. Access to a supportive devolved government, which has the ability to make things happen quickly, makes a big difference.

Cardiff is the vibrant capital city of Wales – and one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. It is also just two hours on the train from London, which will be cut to one hour and 40 minutes from 2020.


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