"Set in stunning scenery between the Cambrian Mountains and the Irish Sea, our £40.5m Campus - newly operational in 2020 – offers an ideal environment for business and academic collaboration to spark and to flourish." Facilities include a Biorefining Centre, Future Food Centre, Advanced Analysis Centre and Seed Biobank as well as ample event space, training facilities and co-working laboratory and office accommodation.

AberInnovation allows us to address some of the 21st Century’s most pressing grand challenges, including climate change mitigation, sustainability and food and energy security. Successful innovation in these areas will play a critical role in fostering a sustainable knowledge-based bioeconomy.


Clients & Projects:

Agxio: "Agriculture is the largest industrial sector in most countries and accounts for the use of over 70% of all land and water globally, at unacceptable levels of sustainability. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Digital Innovation, we deliver actionable insights into the Agricultural Industry. Progressive, precision science applied to all farms, no matter the scale."

Nemesis Bioscience: "Nemesis Bioscience is a new biopharmaceutical company developing Nemesis Symbiotics© - DNA therapeutics administered before antibiotics to inactivate resistance in bacterial pathogens. These Nemesis Symbiotics© will make existing antibiotics work again, prevent the spread of resistance genes and so also protect the efficacy of new antibiotics."

ARCITEKBio: “Commercialising a platform for the processing of agricultural waste into high value products. Our EcoXyl process makes sustainable (fully renewable) xylitol and is ready to disrupt the global sweeteners market. Xylitol is a natural sweetener which can replace sugar in a variety of consumer products such as chewing gum and confectionary, where it helps to protect children’s teeth. EcoXyl, a highly efficient biomanufacturing process, offers a disruptive solution into this large and evolving market.”

Terravesta: “Terravesta is the world leading energy crop supply chain specialist, producing sustainable energy from marginal land using Miscanthus. The company delivers a complete supply chain solution from field to end-user, supplying growing markets and forging new groundbreaking uses for the crop. 

Terravesta works closely Aberystwyth University on research and development, and it's continued relationship with expert plant breeders and scientists has been pivotal in the company's mission to replace fossil fuels with a sustainable plant based alternative - Miscanthus.”

More information is available at: https://aberinnovation.com/en/our-community/tenants-members/
Primary Contact: innovate@aber.ac.uk

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