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In a busy world, the role of effective networks has never been more important. Research and innovation, finance, vital supply chains, and effective talent recruitment all benefit from connections with like-minded people. From sector-specific fora such as the Welsh Automotive Forum, ESTnet and Aerospace Wales to our overseas network of government offices, networks in Wales add real value to all businesses.

We also work closely with industry, academia and local government to provide tailored network support. And not only does Wales have some of the highest funding and financial incentives in the UK, we also work with partners like the Development Bank of Wales, one of the UK’s largest regional investment companies.

Sector Network & Events

We hold regular high profile business events such as BioWales, and our annual Digital Festival. Wales is also a regular host to business event of all shapes and sizes. Forthcoming events include UK Space Conference 2019 and Creative Cities Convention 2019.

Coupled with active industry bodies such as CBI Wales, IOD Wales and FSB Wales, an active Chamber of Commerce network, and a regular diary of University led events, Wales is the place to keep you touch with the wider world.

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