Expanding your Business in Wales

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The Welsh Government helps businesses to grow in Wales – with many companies re-investing.

Large multinationals are spoilt for choice when deciding where to invest, whether that be in a new facility or when placing a large contract.

So, Wales must be doing something right when so many of the companies that come here, stay here. Sony, British Airways, Admiral and Panasonic are just some of those that have been operating in Wales for more than 20 years.

It’s not just the big companies that decide to stay and grow. Wales is investing in start-ups, too.

Sony Technology Centre in Bridgend has a 30,000 sq m incubator site for start-up companies in the media, digital, gaming and renewables sectors. TechHub Swansea has also been established with support from the Welsh Government to help find and develop technology stars of the future.

Dr Akshay Peer founded TrakCel while completing a PhD at Swansea University. Peer developed a technology platform that helps pharmaceutical companies to monitor and record key events in clinical programmes for pioneering regenerative medicine.

TrakCel currently has 30 employees at its base in Cardiff, but Peer said: “Within the next five years I can see us growing to 300 to 500 people … Wales will always be our hub.”

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