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Getting Into Deep Water
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The Deep Green project off the coast of Anglesey is a revolutionary underwater power plant. It reflects the ambition of Welsh Government to support industrial innovation and the aim to make Wales a global leader for sustainable energy.

Burgeoning Swedish company Minesto develops a unique technology for producing electricity from tidal and ocean currents. Ten years in, CEO Dr Martin Edlund says the company is getting ready to build and install their first tidal energy array – starting with Holyhead Deep in North Wales.

We looked at different parts of the UK where we thought would be the first place to build up a larger organisation. The welcome that we have received here has been quite tremendous. The amount of infrastructure available here in Holyhead was an important part of the decision. We met a number of different governmental bodies and they’ve all been extremely supportive about the sector and very curious about how they can support us.

The combination of different governmental organisations all being on the same line and vision has been very obvious. It’s been a clear path that fitted well into what we are trying to do.

Seventy per cent of our globe is covered with oceans, so obviously if we can utilise all the moving currents around the world, that’s going to make a big change. Our collaborations have expanded into working with Bangor University on mammal investigations and things like that. Those type of collaborations are going to be really important for Minesto and other investors coming here.

They’re quite unique in the way that they can actually support businesses in what we really want and need. It’s a big difference compared to, for example, Swedish universities. It’s very high quality but also very supportive to developing businesses.

The governmental support was important. So was the tidal resource along the coast of Wales. The fact that all the organisations have been very open-minded and have welcomed us with open arms has helped us tremendously and made us feel at home. It’s been a really, really good experience and something that we value very highly."

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