Marine Energy Wales brings together technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector to establish Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation, making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy.

The benefits of this industry are being felt throughout the country with the creation of green sustainable jobs, growth and skills providing significant development opportunities for Wales.

With £152.4 million invested into the marine renewable energy sector in Wales to date, two large scale wave and tidal stream demonstration zones, seabed agreements in place for three separate wave and tidal stream projects, a number of proposals for significant floating offshore wind projects and a government commitment to the development of first of its kind tidal lagoon, Wales is well positioned to play a global leading role in marine energy.


  • Connect and do business with all the key players
  • Raise your profile with policy and political decision-makers
  • Identify funding and investment opportunities
  • Showcase your latest products and services
  • Discover new insights and trends from conference sessions


  • A Floating Future – from floating offshore wind platform designs to integration with wave and tidal, how can we maximise the power output of ocean energy farms.
  • The Wales Project Showcase – discover the world-leading projects being progressed around our shores.
  • Gateways to Industry – profiling the capabilities of our Welsh ports.
  • Innovation is Everything – the latest cross-cutting high impact research
  • Tidal Stream Masterclass – which designs will win out in the race toward full commercialisation?
  • Building a business case for Tidal Range 
  • Think Smart –  The coordinated approaches reforming how we address environmental concerns.


More info: MEW CONFERENCE 2023 | Marine Energy Wales

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