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Cyber Wales

Cyber Wales

It’s good to talk. With a membership that spans the whole country, Cyber Wales provides a focus and forum for everyone in the industry, helping businesses come together and collaborate both within Wales and internationally.

Cyber Wales was established in 2014 to give industry professionals a forum to discuss issues face to face. It began life as the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster, a monthly meet-up for anyone involved in cyber security.

The following year saw the start of a North Wales cluster, followed by subject-specific clusters for topics like intellectual property, education and training, and women in cyber.

All these groups now operate under the Cyber Wales brand. With more than 1,000 members, it’s the biggest UK organisation of its kind. It has two main aims – to share information and to encourage growth.

Cyber Wales maintains close relations with the UK Government and security services, as well as 19 other cyber clusters in the UK. It can point to numerous real-world successes, including six new companies that have grown out of meetings.

It’s helping inward investment: Cyber Wales is a founding member of GlobalEPIC, an organisation linking partners from as far afield as the USA, the Netherlands and Israel.

Overseas businesses have already used the programme to establish a presence in Wales.

The Welsh Government has been proactive in spreading the word about Cyber Wales, helping companies establish themselves on the global stage and take part in large international trade fairs and expos.

Through collaboration and mutual support, it’s helping make Wales a globally recognised hub for cyber security expertise.

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