ASTUTE 2020: Factory of the Future


ASTUTE 2020: Factory of the Future

With a passion for supporting Welsh manufacturers, the ASTUTE 2020 multi-university partnership offers manufacturers the unique opportunity to embrace future manufacturing technologies, thereby enabling greater levels of business innovation.

ASTUTE 2020’s industry demand-led collaborations inspire manufacturing companies to improve and streamline their manufacturing processes, manufactured products and supply chain, generating sustainable, higher-value goods and services to bring them to a global market.

ASTUTE has established strong collaborative relationships with the Welsh manufacturing industry across a variety of sectors like aerospace, automotive, energy generation, medical devices, electronics, and food and drink, etc., stimulating growth by applying advanced engineering technologies to manufacturing challenges and driving cutting-edge research and innovation. As a result, companies have invested over £14.4 million to embed advanced and sustainable technologies and implement improvements into their manufacturing processes and created or safeguarded over 270 jobs, contributing significantly to the Welsh economy.

“We can confirm that Hi-Lex has had a very positive experience with the ASTUTE team.

“We did not have the correct skill sets at the time within Hi-Lex to solve a particular issue with a component used on handbrake cables for Ford. ASTUTE were able to support and subsequently resolve the issue. 

“The best advert for their work is that the component design has been in use on all Ford B-platform vehicles produced in Europe since 2013 with zero warranty concerns.”

Adam Glaznieks, Managing Director, Hi-Lex Cable System Co. Ltd

The ASTUTE 2020 operation has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and the participating Higher Education Institutions.

Primary contact: Professor Johann Sienz, Swansea University, 



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