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The UK is the number one destination in Europe for US foreign direct investment

Companies that come to Wales will benefit from operating in a country that has a stable political environment, is English speaking, and business friendly. In addition, the Welsh Government has a dedicated team that looks after investors in the country. Wales can also offer companies some of the highest funding and financial incentives in the UK, plus a range of other forms of business support.

Businesses can enjoy the benefits of being close to London without being burdened by the extra costs of being based there. For example, industrial property costs and prime office rental prices in Cardiff are very competitive – up to 50% lower than average London rates. Salaries are also more competitive in comparison to London and many other regions of the UK.

Businesses in North and Mid Wales are similarly well served by their proximity to the large metropolitan areas and international airports of Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Of course, other areas of the UK will have their own attractions. Areas of England may offer investors good access to decision makers at local authority level. But Wales is a nation, with its own government and a willingness to make things happen quickly.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is served by its own international airport which connects to main European hubs including Amsterdam and Paris with flight times around 90 minutes, while London Heathrow can be reached within two hours. Daily Qatar Airways flights also leave Cardiff, connecting the Welsh capital to more than 150 destinations across 6 continents - including key routes to Australia, UAE, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, South Africa and China.

Our geography lends itself to international trade, with major ports located all along our coasts, each with good road and rail links to other UK major cities and transport hubs.

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