Turning initial ideas into successful ventures requires something, and somewhere, extra. Something to ignite ambition, something to energise, somewhere to sparc a better future. Businesses built from great ideas at the cutting edge of science need expert knowledge, skill, support, encouragement and investment to succeed. 

This is where M-SParc can help; by providing an energising work environment, bespoke business support and unrivalled facilities. 

Together with Bangor University, we are ready to work with you to start a new era of positivity within the business and knowledge sector. 

As M-SParc companies grow, they create well paid career opportunities, diversifying the region’s economy, and providing opportunities for local talent to stay local, and work right here in North Wales. 

The benefits:

  • Dedicated Business Support, right in the building where you work, to help you grow
  • A team who cares about the development of your company, and wants to see you succeed
  • Be part of a network, an EcoSystem, of like-minded people and similar businesses
  • Access to dedicated events, designed to help you learn, network, and grow
  • Priority treatment of applications for funding by the Welsh Government 
  • Additional plots for growing your company, right where you started!


Clients & Projects:

Aerialworx Limited, Anglesey Aggregates Limited Animated Technologies, Bic Innovation, Bleeper Services Ltd, Cufflink, Diagnostig, DSP Centre, EDPAC, Evergreen Building Design Futurium, Het Creadigol, Hogan, IE Engineering, Inspired, IP Tax Solutions, Knox Solicitors, Loyalty Logistix, Naturiol, Papertrail, Pennant Fower, SLH Design, Snowdon Office, The Business Pod, Trydan Môn, UPS2, Virustatic Shield, Viridian.
Primary Contact: post@m-sparc.com

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