Ports & Supply Chain


Ports & Supply Chain

Wales has strategically located ports which provide valuable supply chain and deployment support for offshore energy projects.

Ports here have reacted positively to maximise the market potential of renewable energy projects. A prime example would be the Port of Mostyn in north Wales who have made considerable capital investment to support the offshore wind energy sector which has enabled them to become RWE’s preferred partner to service their three offshore wind farms in the area. The Port has also developed a comprehensive supply chain infrastructure to support the projects, which could provide significant input into the proposed marine energy development along the north Wales coast.

Holyhead Port is strategically located to support the west Anglesey marine energy demonstration zone and has actively worked alongside companies such as Minesto.

Similarly, Pembroke Port in south Wales has an extensive oil and gas supply chain infrastructure, delivering products and services to both sectors. Recently, local companies have used their transferable skills and developed considerable expertise assisting marine energy device developers design, manufacture and deploy their devices off the Pembrokeshire coast.

Alongside our Ports, our manufacturing base is striving to meet the industry’s need for world class products and services. Companies such as Ledwood Mechanical Engineering, MarineSpace Ltd and Mainstay Marine Solutions Ltd have all collaborated on marine energy projects.

Similarly, Vestas, Safety Technology Ltd and Llandrillo College have supported the wind sector in Wales.

We also have a thriving service sector ranging from Eversheds LLP and Hugh James solicitors, environmental consultancies such as RPS Energy, Xodus and APEM Ltd, to PR companies such as BurningRed and Crystal Fish.

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