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At the heart of every successful business are great people; talented, loyal, determined. Wales’ workforce has these qualities in abundance, often with up to 30 percent lower salary costs than some parts of the UK. Their passion helps ignite new ideas, new products and new markets and coupled with a work/life balance to rival anywhere in the world, Wales is a place where careers can blossom.

It’s also why education and training matters, and why our universities and colleges work closely with industry to prepare the workforce of the future. In an era defined by key challenges – automation, decarbonisation and digitalisation – new skills have to be learned, and blended with existing wisdom and experience. This is the platform for future success.

People also do their best work, when their lives have a certain balance to them. The quality of life in Wales – and the cost of living – are both highly competitive. This create a platform for getting the best out of people – build real loyalty and stability into your business operation.

Education & Training

Wales’ eight universities and 14 further education colleges are home to over 135,000 students, from over 170 countries, attracted by a culture of excellence in teaching and research. From cutting edge innovation to hands-on vocational skills, these institutions work hand-in-hand with industry to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in all sectors.

More than 47 per cent of the Welsh population aged 21 to 64 years-old are graduates, second only to London*, while businesses in Wales can also tap into the UK pool of over 14 million graduates. It’s a significant human resource, right on our doorstep.

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University Research Wales

University Research

University research is key to unlocking future technologies. In Wales, our universities offer an extraordinary range of specialisms, and have an established track of close working with businesses across the country. From brain imaging to ocean science, fintech to cyber security, aerospace to automotive engineering, Wales is leading the drive for important new breakthroughs.

We’re also investing in the next generation of research talent, through our innovative Sêr Cymru programme, part of our mission to support the highest calibre researchers in Wales.

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