Marine Energy

Marine Energy

Marine Energy

Wales has the potential to generate around 10 GW from marine energy when the Severn Estuary resource is included.

Rapid innovation is taking place in areas of marine energy initiatives and low-carbon projects with a growing number of projects underway in Wales. Take a look at some of the work that’s happening here…

Concept to Deployment Wales is working in tandem with our developers to assist them from initial device concept to deployment. The ability to directly assist through the development stages to physical deployment has benefitted companies such as Marine Power Systems (a wave device developer) who are receiving continuing support through the project lifecycle.

The Deep Green project off the coast of Anglesey is a revolutionary underwater power plant being developed by Swedish company Minesto. The company has received planning permission and a licence from the Crown Estate and is working to deploy an initial 1.5 MW Deep Green Array in 2017, which they aim to increase to 100 MW over time.

“We are reaching some exciting milestones in the development of our technology, specifically the deployment of a quarter-scale prototype WaveSub in 2016. We are thrilled to be liaising with Astute 2020 for advanced computational modelling of the float.”

Gareth Stockman, Managing Director, Marine Power Systems.

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