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Wye Valley Meadery

Wye Valley Meadery

Launched in 2018 by two brothers, Mattand Kit, Wye Valley Meadery’s goal is to modernise mead and create an alternative to beer, cider or wine using sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients.

The company keep 150 hives of bees in the Wye Valley and use this honey to ferment its meads.

Determined to create something authentic and original Wye Valley Meadery applied modern brewing techniques to the world’s oldest form of alcohol to create something truly modern and innovative: A light sparkling mead, infused with a variety of flavours. Now in its second year of business, it is looking to expand further and share its drink with the world.

Wye Valley Meadery produce mead made with honey from its own bees in the Wye Valley, including 6 Varieties of 4% sparkling mead: Rhubarb, Ginger, Hops, Mango Mosaic, Elderflower, Pure Honey. Their products also include a wine-style 14.5% traditional mead, Wye Valley Honey and Honeygar, a honey+apple cider vinegar.

 Objectives include to access a new market where we feel its style of drinks will be popular and to establish connections with importers and distributors.


Kit Newell


+44 (0)7402 953 998

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