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The Swansea-based technology firm, which has developed an all-in-one platform to help online retailers manage inventory and ordering, aims to create 170 jobs over the next three years. And with the help of the Welsh Government, it has been able to cast its net wide to fill critical positions.

"We want the best, and that costs money," says Duncan La Barre, Veeqo's head of communication and brand. "We've had people from London, New York and all over the world coming to work for this growing company in Wales with big ambitions."

For some of them, joining Veeqo has been a homecoming. Veeqo's new head of HR, Swansea University graduate Cerys Davies, was tempted back from New York where she had headed up the North American HR operation for the review website Trustpilot.

She says: "I wanted a new challenge, and there was this pull back to Wales. It's great to have the chance to get into a company when it's relatively small and young, and help it to reach exciting heights. And it says a lot about where the company is going when Matt Warren, the founder and CEO, is willing to put money into HR this early on."

Veeqo now plans to raise £3.75 million to fund its expansion into overseas markets, and building a team in the US will be among Cerys's priorities. Already, 65 of Veeqo's 300-plus clients are based in America, without a single dollar having been spent on Stateside marketing. There's also an ambition to tap into Australia's emerging e-commerce market.

Duncan La Barre says: "The only way we're going to dominate the UK and expand into these new territories is to have a really world-class product. And for that we need top engineers, software developers and sales people. We're on a mission to make Wales a destination for tech talent."

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