Toshiba partners with Welsh Cyber Security business

Cyber Security Wales
Arcanum Partnership
Toshiba have partnered with leading Cyber and Information Security Consultancy specialist. Arcanum Information Security is the only Welsh company accredited as a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provider, certified in both Risk Assessment and Risk Management to provide specialist Cyber Security consultancy services. Arcanum consultants are NCSC Certified Professionals, with extensive knowledge and experience covering all areas of Cyber Security.  In addition, Arcanum deliver Digital Forensics through their ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.  
Arcanum provide tailored support for all sectors, ranging from Cyber Essentials assessments for SMEs to Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 (NIS Regulations) assessments for Critical National Infrastructure.
As Ben Gaston, Toshiba’s UK Sales Director says: “Given our ambition to disrupt the IT Services market through the provision of excellent advice and championing a new standard of professionalism, it is essential that our partners are best-of-breed. When it comes to Cyber Security Consultancy, I can think of no better partner than Arcanum. Certified by the NCSC, they are trusted across Defence, Government, Enterprise and SMB markets, able to provide help to the smallest of organisations trying to get to grips with Cyber Essentials, or large corporates who need full security assessments to advise how best to protect their data in the ever-moving cyber security landscape.”
Russ Wardle, Arcanum’s Managing Director, said “We are pleased to be able to partner with Toshiba Tec to provide accredited support to their customers.  Toshiba Tec are a well-known and respected IT company and their range of managed services are an exciting development that will bring many benefits to their customers UK wide, with particular benefit to Welsh customers.”
Much of the nation is now working from home, and many employees are not used to working outside of an office environment.  Cyber hackers are seeing this as an opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. 
The current risk is heightened as hackers are targeting people’s thirst for COVID-19 information.  Recipients of a compelling email with news such as a potential cure are much more likely to click on malicious links or download attachments.  The emails could unknowingly deliver malware or aim to steal the victim’s credentials.  
Without the right security, personal devices can leave a company vulnerable to hacking.  If information is leaked or breached through a personal device, the company will be deemed liable.  It is important that organisations implement clear and well communicated cyber security policies specific to remote working.
The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued guidance to help organisations manage the cyber security challenges of increased home working:
As an NCSC Assured Consultancy Arcanum is on hand to support you in ensuring business can continue to operate securely at this time.
Toshiba Tec
Toshiba Tec UK Imaging Systems Ltd is part of the globally operating Toshiba Tec Corporation. Toshiba Tec UK is headquartered in Chertsey, with additional locations in Cardiff, London, Warrington and West Bromwich.
As a leading supplier of information technology, software and services, their aim is to facilitate new ways of working, helping businesses to grow profits, better manage workflows, secure critical information and improve efficiencies.
Their product portfolio is built on 4 business services pillars: Managed IT Services, Managed Print Services, Process Optimisation and Visual Communications.
IT Services
Their IT Services offering has been designed to offer everyone a bespoke experience, after all, every business is unique. Through a discovery led process, their consultants help organisations identify their requirements and provide IT Services fit for the purpose, helping to build and maintain a reliable and resilient IT infrastructure. 
Building on their strong reputation for ethics (all their sales people have achieved Professional Registration with the APS) and service delivery in other technology disciplines, they are striving to disrupt the IT Services market, by being a provider who:
  • Actually listens
  • Only tries to sell the simplest solution for the need
  • Develops a steady reputation as a trusted advisor
  • Takes a long-term view on Lifetime Contract Value rather than pushing for quick return
Their Total Managed IT Service portfolio is categorised into 4 distinct areas: Managed Security Services, Infrastructure Support, End User Support and Complete Outsourcing.
Each of these help them provide a Secure, Helpful and Expert service to their customers.
Toshiba in Wales
In recent years Toshiba has also taken the conscious decision to grow its operations in Wales. The number of employed personnel in their Cardiff regional office has grown by 400% since 2018, largely in part due to skills available in this area and the growing IT needs of local organisations. Given Arcanum’s proximity to their Cardiff office, this should be a perfect marriage as they seek to take the very best advice to customers across Wales.


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