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Thermal Compaction Group

The team at Thermal Compaction Group are innovators in solving one of the most important issues of our times. As sustainability becomes increasingly vital for business, the Cardiff-based inventors have collaborated with a vast network of industry partners to offer solutions that save time and money.

One of their greatest early successes has been the Sterimelt – an oven-like recycling machine capable of transforming huge quantities of plastic waste into a sellable asset for hospitals. “We effectively take a waste disposal cost and turn it into a revenue stream,” says Thomas Davison-Sebry, of the group. “The waste would normally go for clinical incineration. We use a thermal process to re-engineer the uncontaminated plastic wraps into a solid block that has a good commodity value for the hospital to sell. It’s a full circular economy event.”

Boosted by victory in the Success Through Innovation category at the South Wales Chamber of Commerce Welsh Business Awards, TCG has now realised its ambition to roll the machine out to the NHS in the UK. Davison-Sebry, who was born in Cardiff, was proud to be part of the party visiting the National Museum of Wales to pick up the trophy.

Wales is rich in academic and industrial resources,” he says, having helped organise years of research and trials for the machine at St Woolos Hospital in Newport. “I want to build TCG up to be a global force in sustainable and responsible recycling. The Welsh Government appears to be very receptive to our ideas. They have supported our efforts to break into the exports market through their subsidised trade missions. We have some of the best university establishments in the world here, and we often look to them for collaboration. The industry sector created from university projects and personnel in Wales has been integral to the economy.”

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