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As experts in supporting business transformation and operational efficiencies, Target’s talented team are trusted to manage more than 19 million accounts and  24 billion in assets for some of the world’s largest financial services providers.

Their story, as CFO Iestyn Evans points out, is one of success and growth – and it’s underpinned by a continuous ability to meet the constantly-evolving needs of the sector.

Digital transformation is all about how you make processes a lot smarter and relevant for clients and customers,” says Evans, discussing the rise of machine learning, automation and robotic process automation and the new skills required from workforces in order to make the most of the resulting possibilities. “We have a great mix of customer relationship, operational staff, technical expertise and professional industry roles in risk, HR, finance and legal. How do you get people thinking rather than doing? We are already developing technologies that help clients in that area, and I see that change being really big for us over the next five years.”

Having become part of the £4 billion Tech Mahindra group in August 2016, Target has significant growth plans over the next couple of years, building from headquarters in Cardiff, where everything began for it in 1979, and Newport. “For the next five years Target will change and grow,” says Evans. “We’re becoming as much a tech as a BPO firm now, developing technological solutions for our clients around how they process information, transactions and customer experience.”

Academic innovation, including the highly-rated technology facilities at Swansea University and the University of South Wales, have a huge potential role to play in helping Target remain at the forefront of digital excellence. “We’ve been fortunate in working with institutions, trade bodies, and the Welsh Government in finding the technical skills that we need to help us grow,” says Evans. “We can utilise skills and technical capabilities from wherever we like in the world, but we’ll always be bringing them back into Wales.”


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