Running a small or medium-sized business is harder and more challenging than ever. Two years of a difficult pandemic, economic hardship and rising costs have made this a difficult climate in which to do business. For business owners, it’s also underscored the need to be able to spend every possible minute investing their efforts into revenue-generating work.

Of course, in theory, investing all your time and effort into tasks that will make you money sounds like a great strategy by which to run a business. However, the realities of running a business all too frequently get in the way. Too often it’s those time-consuming – yet necessary – processes that can hold a business back. In the current economic climate, this is neither feasible nor efficient.

Of course, there are various platforms, software and programs that offer time-saving solutions for managing otherwise manual processes. But having multiple platforms for managing multiple processes can be costly and confusing in of itself. So, what if someone could come up with a solution? A platform that streamlined and automated document management processes across several workstreams and different areas of a business. Certainly, a daunting challenge, but one that Welsh fintech start-up QuoteOnSite were more than ready to take on.

Through it’s innovative cloud-based software solution, QuoteOnSite can help to make processes simpler for businesses and make it easier to send out and manage digital documents that can be accepted, rejected, queried and signed in no time at all. The platform can seamlessly manage enquiries; billing, employee and client on-boarding and contracts – the processes behind which can divert minutes, hours and even whole working days and weeks away from time spent generating income.

TJ Amas, the company’s founder says, “We’re helping to bring small to medium-sized businesses into the era of digitisation. What we’re providing is a service that is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity in these times.”

The company is truly at the cutting edge of the business services and fintech sectors, providing a product that’s unique in the number of different processes it can manage. “At no other point in time has digitisation been more needed by businesses in this country and around the world”, says TJ, “The pandemic has shown that companies can no longer avoid investing in this area. We’re showing customers that there is a way out of costly, time-consuming processes and that it can be simpler and more streamlined, whilst also being compliant and stress-free.”

What really sets their approach apart, however, is their ability to understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and what it takes to run one. QuoteOnSite is fiercely proud to be a small business itself. “As a small business ourselves we’re down in the trenches with our clients” says TJ, “We understand what it’s like to operate as a small business and that every minute counts when it comes to generating revenue.”

The company has been able to provide solutions and improve process management for a broad range of sectors, including accountancy, commercial cleaning and facilities management, construction, engineering, sales and more. All of this from a small, four-person team working from all corners of Wales.

QuoteOnSite are at the heart of a flourishing fintech sector in Wales, employing more than 16,000 people. A supportive ecosystem of devolved government support, academic centres of excellence, support for start-ups and a talent pool that includes more than 22,000 students in fintech-related studies. “The support we have in this area has been second to none and the Welsh Government has been great in giving us the support we need. Our partners and resource we need are endless” says TJ.

This commitment to grow the nation’s Fintech ecosystem is what sets the Welsh Government apart. QuoteOnSite have been significant beneficiaries of Welsh Government support, allowing them to grow, expand and thrive. “Welsh Government make for great partners, they give you all the support at the point where you need it” says TJ, “I would recommend businesses looking to relocate, to locate or even to start, to strongly consider Wales as their home too.”

QuoteOnSite has also been a major recipient from the Fintech Foundry, the FinTech accelerator from Fintech Wales.

Selected from a highly competitive field of over 150 applicants QuoteOnSite were selected to participate in Season 2. The program focused on Validating, Raising and Scaling a FinTech start-up. Helping QuoteOnSite incubate themselves with the Welsh ecosystem, the Foundry proudly partners with established financial organisations, experts and mentors who offer their time freely to advise and support these FinTech Starts up to establish themselves to grow and thrive in the Welsh Financial ecosystem..

Sarah Williams-Gardener, CEO at Fintech Wales said “Our mission at Fintech Wales is to establish Wales as being globally recognised for its FinTech excellence. We have a fast growing and thriving cluster which is a short commute from central London. In partnership with the Welsh Government, we have sort investment, export and partnership opportunities for QuoteOnSite and will continue to do so within our members community of both established and disrupting FinTechs. As with all our members we look forward to watching QuoteOnSite flourish.”

TJ said, “We were born in Wales; have grown in Wales; invested in from Wales and our first customers were from Wales. This is our home. As a remote-based company, we could work from anywhere in the world, but we believe that there is no better place to work than in Wales.”

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