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Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

a passion for food and the sea
Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

Earlier this year, a legend of the Beach Food Company went into retirement. The Cafe Mor trailer was an eBay purchase by the producer’s founder, Jon Williams, after he quit his desk job to return to Pembrokeshire and follow his passion for food and the sea.

An epic journey back from Bolton, where Williams picked up the somewhat dilapidated trailer, made its mere arrival on the coast a remarkable achievement. But his determination and artistry turned the former burger van into a beautiful beach shack beloved of visitors to Freshwater West, and its colourful story was symbolic of the success the company has enjoyed over the last eight years.

A crowdfunding campaign has now raised the money to create its replacement ahead of the summer season, with Williams turning a fishing boat, the Josie June, into the cafe’s new home for hungry visitors eager to sample the dedicated team’s award winning menu. Lobster, crab, premium Welsh beef and bacon are a few of their specialities, but they’re perhaps best known for seaweed, with varieties including wrack, gutweed, laver, dulse and kelp.

They impressed one Japanese trade show visitor so much that they ended up travelling to Osaka to carry out demonstrations of their craft, cooking seaweed-infused traditional Welsh recipes at a huge Osaka consumer event alongside a Welsh Government trade mission.

Back home, the company continues to take travelling beach shacks to festivals far and wide and pick up more awards, building on an impressive list of honours. It has won Best British Street Food Vendor, first place for Best Street Food at the BBC Food and Farming Awards and an accolade for sustainable trading at Glastonbury Festival, recognising the old trailer’s use of efficient recycling. This special company’s first home might be missed, but its legacy lives on.

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