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GTW Developments Group

GTW Developments – Airbond – manufactures and sells yarn splicers.

Splicers use a blast of compressed air to make joints between yarns in textile processes, connecting bobbins or repairing breakages. Splices are smoother and stronger than knots, improving quality and production efficiency. Originally serving the traditional textile industry, the company decided to commit to new R&D, developing new products for the growing composites business, splicing fibres such as carbon and glass.

GTW Development Group has created the range of Airbond splicers. These splicers are of unique form and function, specially developed for use in the manufacture of composite materials for the aerospace and automotive industries, and other applications such as wind turbine blades.

GTW Development Group’s aim is to support its new in-market agent, visit existing customers and meet potential new contacts with expertise in the composites market.


Graham Thomas Waters

GTW Developments Group

+44 (0)7770 632421

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