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The financial services giant has demonstrated the clear advantages of locating their research and compliance unit in Cardiff. Deloitte has increased its workforce tenfold and has been backed by Welsh Government.

Deloitte, the business advisory firm, has long had a base in Cardiff. In addition to supporting the firm’s clients in the region, Deloitte has recently been building a large centralised business operations facility in its Cardiff Delivery Centre. The people working for Deloitte have played a huge part in its success, says Deloitte’s Managing Director of Shared Services, Ross Flanigan.



The workforce in our Cardiff Delivery Centre is very diverse by all measures. We have brought people in from many walks of life and backgrounds, to support all parts of our business. This includes a team of over 30 people working in around 50 different languages, giving an indication of the diversity and cosmopolitan culture that we have in this city.

For Deloitte, as we develop capability to support our firm’s strategy, Cardiff is the right place to be for the operations we are building here. Also, as we’ve grown, we’ve had a range of support from the Welsh Government. It’s important to us that we can attract people and I think in the Enterprise Zone people can see that there are various employment opportunities for them. The Welsh Government actually came to us, offering to help and encourage our jobs growth programme, so developing the skillsets of the local workforce.

Cardiff is a good hub for transport and people can find their way into the city quite easily. There is also tremendous access to a large number of graduates from local universities, as well as experienced people and others who we can train, so we’re typically oversubscribed for all roles that we advertise. One thing we are proud to have introduced recently, with the help of the Welsh Government and partnership with Cardiff & Vale College, is a new business administration apprenticeship. This has been an outstanding success after its first year, attracting people who otherwise might never have found a way to a career with Deloitte.

The success of the Deloitte centralised operations in Cardiff is really all about the work done by our people. We believe that part of that success arises because, living here and working with us, it is possible to achieve that elusive but important work-life balance. Personally, having grown up in Wales, it was an easy decision to return for my children to grow up here, where they’ve attended excellent schools and had a fantastic time on our beaches, in our countryside and using the many facilities available to them. For us, as a family, it’s just a great place to be. While building the Deloitte operations in Wales is based on sound business decisions, I am pleased to have been able to initiate so many job opportunities here for other people. With the career and lifestyle opportunities available to local people, we seem to be reaping the benefits of a happy workforce living in and around Cardiff.”


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