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Cimteq is the leading provider of software for the design and manufactureg of cables to the global wire and cable manufacturing industry. Cimteq’s mission is to deliver innovative software products that add value by increasing efficiency, improving quality, decreasing lead times, reducing costs and, ultimately, increasing profitability.

Cimteq has developed CableBuilder to provide wire and cable manufacturers with a solution to enhance and professionalise their design processes, and allow companies to respond to their clients’ needs very quickly. CableBuilder results in lower costs of product data maintenance and in optimal availability of consistent, accurate information.

CableMES is an innovative custom-built Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the global wire and cable industry, providing full management and control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. The flexibility of CableMES allows users to construct their own dashboard that reflects their area of responsibility, to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time, to monitor, manage, and take decisive action to resolve production issues.

Cimteq provides software for cable design and manufacturing: CableBuilder and CableMES.

Cimteq would like to acquire new wire and cable manufacturing customers in China.


Yufei Du

Business Development Manager (APAC)

+44 (0)1978 664215

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