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British Airways

If you’ve ever travelled in a 747 – or numerous other types of Boeing – they’ll almost certainly have been cared for at some point by British Airways Maintenance Cardiff (BAMC).

As a centre of innovation excellence, the purpose-built maintenance site at Cardiff Airport plays a crucial role in guaranteeing some of the world’s most impressive aircraft are repaired to the highest possible standards, working quickly and diligently to ensure stringent safety checks are adhered to and the slightest sign of damage is spotted.

One of the key reasons behind the location of this fascinating facility, which celebrates its 25th year at the airport this year, is the availability of bright technical talent locally, as well as government support. Local colleges and universities provide many of the promising engineering prospects who take apprenticeships and help to tackle complex projects in the hangars, inspired by spaces such as the Aerospace Centre at the University of Wales, where British Airways opened a new extension in 2015.

Generations of the same families have worked here, and employees take enormous pride in the part they play in solving vital mechanical challenges. Excellent motorway links to British Airways’ main engineering base, at Heathrow, are another strategic strength for the company.

While the team of skilled engineers work their magic at the airport, BA Interior Engineering, opened in 1996, repairs and overhauls seating and safety- critical products at Hawtin Park in Blackwood, ensuring they are ready for the long haul in cabins.

Everything electronic is inspected and tweaked in Pontyclun, where BA Avionic Engineering also maintains electrical and mechanical components. Everything from in-flight entertainment to flight control systems is tested under the watch of the world-class workforce here, who are determined to continuously improve the reliability of aircraft components as part of their intricate inspections within the 142,000 square-foot centre.

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