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Innovative Wales

Welsh Government is involved in a series of initiatives that demonstrate our agility, innovation and determination to address the issues affecting the further growth of companies in Wales.

The National Software Academy

A centre of excellence for software engineering in Wales, the National Software Academy aims to deliver industry-focused degrees in software engineering. This will provide students with academic experience of relevant and leading-edge technologies delivered within an industrial framework, utilising industry-proven tools and techniques to facilitate transition into the job market.

The Academy is a partnership between Cardiff University, Welsh Government and industry leaders to address the shortfall of qualified, industry-ready software engineers. It combines teaching and training in a bespoke commercial / IT environment, developed in close partnership with industry and local businesses.

Welsh Cyber Security Clusters

With over 150 members, the North and South Wales Cyber Security Clusters have been formed, under the umbrella of the UK Government supported UK Cyber Security Forum, by industry with the intention to deliver on Wales’ ambition to become the UK hub for cyber security companies.

Welsh Government supported the creation of the South Wales Cyber Cluster in 2013 which has grown to become the largest UK Cyber Cluster and remains an active partner in its ongoing development. Welsh Government also provides direct support to the member companies, both individually and as a cluster.

The clusters meet monthly and are networking environments for the growing and dynamic mix of large companies, SMEs and academic expertise with a Cyber interest.

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