Hydro Energy

Hydro Energy

Hydro Energy

Wales is home to a wide mix of hydro-related companies, ranging from utility water providers such as Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water to large hydro energy scheme operators including RWE Innogy and Statkraft Energy. And projects range from micro to large scale – including the largest pump storage project in the UK, operated by First Hydro Company.

In recent years, there’s also been a surge of interest in small-scale hydro operations of 5 MW or less – especially in areas such as farmland and community development. This expansion has been fuelled by a number of critical factors, including new equipment that makes full use of technological advances, allowing small-scale works to operate with a new level of efficiency in tandem with support via Feed in Tariffs. As a result, companies including Dulas, North Wales Hydro and TGV Hydro have been able to work with farmers, land owners and community leaders to establish small-scale developments at locations throughout Wales.

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