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Industry overview

Overview of Tech sector in Wales

Wales is home to a vibrant and dynamic tech sector.

There are over 3600 tech businesses in Wales, employing 45,000 people and contributing over £8 billion a year to the Welsh economy.

Wales’ tech sector is home to 400 electronics businesses and 250 telecoms-related companies, and has key strengths in sectors including fintech, cyber security, agri-tech, compound semi-conductors and ed-tech.

The sector exports to markets all over the world, from France and Germany, to UAE, Japan, China, Canada and USA.  Welsh products and services are helping businesses in these markets become safer, more efficient, more successful, and move forward together.

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Did you know

The facial recognition system on your smartphone uses a remarkable bit of atomic engineering that has been pioneered in Wales.


Eben Upton, founder of the Rasperry Pi foundation, has built more than 10 million units of his revolutionary low-cost computer in Wales. 

Did you know

In 1965 Donald Davies who worked on early British computers, developed ‘packet switching’, dividing computer messages into packets that are routed independently across a network, which is the most important founding principle of the internet.

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