FinTech Connect 2020

Fintech Connect 2020

Wales is home to a flourishing technology ecosystem that continues to grow. With almost 44,000 people actively employed within the Digital Economy in Wales, the nation’s tech sector is worth an estimated £8.2bn to the Welsh economy and it continues to grow. During FinTech Connect 2020, we will be hosting six partners on the Wales Pavilion who will be showcasing their products, services and experience of setting up and growing their businesses in Wales. As part of the event, there will also be a Wales masterclass at 10am on December 1st where all our companies will take part in a Q&A session about the FinTech Sector in Wales.


Wales will have six companies participating:

  • FinTech Wales - FinTech Wales is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at making Welsh FinTech a pillar of the global economy - nurturing talent while connecting and enabling the sector’s ecosystem.
  • Bikmo - We build awesome insurance products to protect our customers for unexpected events, use technology to make taking out and managing your policy ultra-simple, and provide exceptional customer experiences through our team of bike geeks.
  • Delio - Delio is committed to creating new and exciting technology solutions that add even more value to financial institutions and their clients.
  • W2 Global - W2 provide on-line integration guides in multiple coding languages and our friendly support team offer step by step ‘hand holding’ to ensure integration, set-up and deployment are executed without fuss and as quickly as possible.
  • Link Data Management Solutions - LDMS has been at the forefront of delivering cutting edge solutions to the technology-focused credit market for more than 20 years. We support multiple geographies, languages, products and we truly believe we have the software option to match your needs today and for the future.
  • Quote on Site - With over 60 enterprises now ‘benefitting from fast, accurate and consistent quoting’ QuoteOnSite is the go-to solution for companies looking to end siloed inefficiencies and boost their bottom line. 

For more information, visit the event website.

Find out more about the Fintech sector in Wales.


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