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Choosing Wales is a choice for a long-term business partnership.

Investors in Wales can get the support they need to grow and prosper.

When you locate your business in Wales, we can offer between 10% to 45% of any capital expenditure and associated revenue costs.* There are also several Wales-only funds that can offer sector-specific financial assistance.

Once new companies are settled, more assistance may be offered - such as business finance for growth, capital projects, R&D and innovation.

Now for the best part - because Wales is small and has its own devolved government, decisions can be made quickly.

Once the Welsh Government has all the information it needs, funding requests will be answered within 30 days for sums of less than £1m, or 40 days if it’s more than that.

But, ministers understand that money is just one part of this partnership. That’s why businesses that locate in Wales will also be assigned someone from the government’s business development team. Their job is to listen to your needs on training, give advice on R&D and innovation, and tailor support to help growth.

Jane Tranter, co-founder of TV and film production company Bad Wolf, said: “It feels like a genuine partnership. It’s everything we hoped for on both sides.”

*subject to terms and conditions.

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