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Environmental Technologies

Building Technologies

In the built environment, Matilda’s Planet specialises in energy efficient insulation; its hallmark ‘Blanket’ unit is akin to internal double glazing, offering high levels of insulation and excellent acoustic performance.

Similarly, Knauf Insulation manufactures rockwool and foam products. With ongoing investment in R&D, they’re constantly refining their products and identifying suitable insulation for all types of building.

Water Technologies

Many firms in Wales specialise in water supply and wastewater treatment. Leading player, Hydro Industries, uses electricity to treat water, eliminating the need for bulk liquid chemicals and large volumes of biomass.

This provides an all-encompassing service to a wide range of clients, including Shell, the Ministry of Defence and water utilities companies such as Scottish and Yorkshire Water.

Monmouth-based Siltbuster works with the construction and land remediation industries, offering solutions including silt management and the prevention and control of water contamination in addition to treatment of contaminated water.

GX Environmental, also based in Monmouthshire, provides software and systems for effective management of tankered sludge, cess, septic and trade waste. The company also deploys a lean water management system, with a centralised control designed to minimise water loss.

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