Industry Overview

Renewable Energy

Wales is committed on achieving a transition to a low carbon economy that allows us to live sustainably and focus on delivering results both economically and socially. This has driven our focus to embed a wide range of technologies into the mainstream including on and off-shore wind, small and large scale hydro projects plus explore the opportunities available from our marine resource.

Marine Energy

Wales has the potential to generate around 10 GW from marine energy when the Severn Estuary resource is included.

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Tidal Energy

Tidal range could provide significant generation opportunities along the Welsh coastline.

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Solar Energy

We have a mature solar energy sector here, with expertise in solar photovoltaic (PV) energy.

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Wind Energy

Our 86 operational wind farms, including RWE Innogy’s three offshore wind farms, are feeding the National Grid, as well as serving large industrial users and smaller community projects, farm projects, and small industry.

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Hydro Energy

Wales is home to a wide mix of hydro-related companies, ranging from utility water providers such as Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water to large hydro energy scheme operators including RWE Innogy and Statkraft Energy.

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The National Trust in Wales are working towards achieving 100% renewable energy generation.

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Ports & Supply Chain

Wales has strategically located ports which provide valuable supply chain and deployment support for offshore energy projects.

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Academic Expertise

Research and Development is supported through both industry and academia, with Wales-based researchers leading the way.

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Support Network

Join us in Wales and your business could work with a number of support bodies.

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Key Companies


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