Demonstration Zones

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Demonstration Zones

Wales has two marine areas which have received licenses from the Crown Estate to develop demonstration zones to facilitate the growth of the sector.

Morlais Energy is managing the development of the west Anglesey tidal stream zone and is working towards providing a fully resourced tidal demonstration zone.

Gerallt Llewellyn Jones, Managing Director said “The work on consent has started and the aim is to seek approval on the deployment on a wide range of technologies. Negotiations are underway and several options are being explored in order to export up to 150 MW from the tidal demonstration zone”.

Morlais Energy has completed a selection process and has made offers to several technology developers which are progressing through the legal process.

The south Pembrokeshire wave demonstration zone is 13 km off the coast and managed by Wave Hub. The area of seabed covers 90 km2 and has a 19 kW/h resource. Project partners include Marine Energy Pembrokeshire who are the local delivery arm of Marine Energy Wales plus Pembroke Port and MarineSpace Ltd.

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