Beacon+ is at the forefront of bioremediation approaches towards waste management in the UK.

"The BEACON Biorefining Centre of Excellence is a partnership between Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea Universities and the University of South Wales working in the field of conversion of biomass and biowastes into biobased products with commercial applications."

Clients & Projects:

Quorn: Quorn is a well-known global food brand offering a nutritious alternative to meat. Quorn products are made from mycoprotein, which is derived from a fermentation process, using wheat-derived glucose.

Fiberight: Fiberight are a Pontypool-based company operating in both the UK and the US, who have developed a novel recovery process to generate added value from mixed residual waste.

DTR Medical: Launched in 2005, DTR Medical is a successful medical device manufacturer, providing medical professionals with single-use sterile surgical instruments that deliver patient and clinical value. The company has operated for eight years and currently has more than 600 UK and international customers.

Moleculomics: Moleculomics is a spin-out company from the Institute of Life Science (ILS) at Swansea University. They have developed powerful computer techniques to produce structural models of proteins and the changes that occur when they interact with molecules. This allows them to use computer models to predict the activity of a potential new drug with its target protein, and  critically also to predict whether or not a drug will interact with other proteins, which might lead to toxicity or other unwanted effects

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