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Industry Overview

Low Carbon

Welsh Government has pledged to make Wales a low-carbon economy. That ambition has meant an investment in skills and research, matched with a desire to innovate. Wales demonstrates excellence in innovation for fuel technology.

View or download our Low Carbon booklet here.


Wales has a longstanding tradition of innovation in the automotive industry. The Rasa is the latest and arguably most radical – a hydrogen fuel cell car that forms part of Riversimple’s ambition to eliminate the environmental impact of personal transport.

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First fuel cell invented in Wales

Swansea-born judge and inventor, Sir Robert William Grove is the father of the fuel cell. In 1839, he developed a platinum-zinc voltaic cell, now known as the ‘Grove cell’ and demonstrated its use by powering electric arc light in the London Institution. The Welshman went on to create the ‘gas voltaic battery’ in 1842 which was to become the forerunner of the modern fuel cell.

Hybrid Engines

More than one million next-generation hybrid engines have now been produced in Wales at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Deeside Plant.

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